Effective HR Microsites that elevate your client’s employee experience

We know that for HR consultants, building, or improving your clients’ benefits microsites is daunting and time-consuming. At Paragon, we’ll help you build feature-rich, secure benefits microsites without the hassle. So you can stop feeling frustrated with projects that take longer than planned and enjoy the admiration of your clients.

What you get

Benefits microsites are:

More Convenient than Corporate Intranets

Microsites give HR teams more flexibility than the notoriously hard-to-update corporate intranet.

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How Benefit Microsites came to the rescue during the pandemic

Benefits microsites serve as:

Digital Common Rooms

Microsites end up being the perfect candidate for company-wide, benefits-related announcements.

Benefits microsites provide:

Clarity that gives you a competitive edge

Making benefits content easy to access and understand shows your workforce that you care.

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Tips to optimize any Benefits Microsite

Our Microsite features include:

How we made Web Analytics Easier for HR Microsites

Analytics Dashboard

Every microsite comes standard with robust performance analytics, so we can monitor how well the content is working for your client.

Notification Alerts Bar

An alert bar pinned to the top of the browser window so clients can notify their employees about important announcements, deadlines, and mandatory reads.

Events Manager

A CMS tool for collecting relevant event information (descriptions, access links, location details, etc.) to populate an upcoming events schedule on the microsite.

Authorization links

Special URLs that have a passcode feature built-in, so when clicked, the user is automatically logged into a secure microsite.

How Authorization Links secure microsites without being annoying

3 Ways to Improve Search on HR Microsites

Enhanced Search

Our custom search engine uses ranked search results, indexes pdf content, and keeps costs fixed and low.

Chat UI

A conversational interface that uses a decision tree to quickly guide users to the benefits content they need.

How a Chat-UI can improve the employee experience

Save Favorites

Gives employees the power to save links to important content for reference later on.

Sentiment Surveys

Quickly get feedback from employees to determine what content they’re finding most helpful.


Gives your client the ability to insert short user polls on any page of the microsite.

Document Manager

Generate a permanent link to any document on the microsite that doesn’t need to be updated whenever the file is updated.

Custom Functionality

Didn’t see a specific feature you were looking for? We’re constantly adding to our toolkit so let us know what you’d like to see.

Don’t start your next microsite before reading our guide.

The Essential Guide to Planning an HR Microsite

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