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Worldvision: No Child for Sale Explainer

Millions of children are sold into slavery every year, so what are you going to do about it? What can you do about it? That’s the message Worldvision’s No Child for Sale campaign wanted to get across, and they rightly felt that an animated explainer video would be a valuable component of their content strategy.



The Solution

Stylized character designs and on-screen text carry the message of this piece. Shared and watched hundreds of thousands of times, this video has helped extend the campaign’s reach, even getting the attention of Canada’s Prime Minister.

It took us several rounds to make sure we got the tone just right, especially when dealing with sensitive issues like child prostitution. Our depictions of children needed to be simple enough that they didn’t point to a particular nationality, but representative enough to engender sympathy.


The client deployed the explainer video on their main website while also utilizing segments of it for multiple online channels. We followed up the explainer with an additional comprehensive infographic to accompany the video.

Worldvision: No Child for Sale Explainer

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