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FTZ 104 Explainer

An animated explainer video teaching businesses about the benefits of Foreign Trade Zones. Typically this is a dry topic with esoteric details about taxes and shipping rates. So the good folks over at World Trade Center Savannah asked us to add some color and life to get their message across.



The Challenge

World Trade Center Savannah (WTC Savannah) approached us with a unique challenge: create an engaging explainer video that demystifies the complexities of Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) for local businesses. FTZs offer a wealth of benefits for import, export, and manufacturing companies, but navigating the world of duties, fees, and shipping rates can be daunting. Our goal was to transform this potentially dry topic into a clear and compelling animation that captures the attention of local businesses and unlocks the potential of FTZs for their bottom line.

The Solution

Distilling the intricacies of FTZs into a concise two-minute script required a masterful touch. Luckily our copywriter, Heather, has such a touch. We began by collaborating with WTC Savannah to identify the key advantages that would resonate most with local businesses. Eve though there a pages of benefits, with only 2 minutes to grab their attention and get them interested some choices have to be made about what’s the msot salient points to bring across. So, we took those points and crafted a clear and engaging narrative, focusing on the pain points companies face in international trade and showcasing how FTZs can alleviate those burdens.  

Once the script was finalized, we produced storyboards that meticulously created, the visual roadmap for the animation style. This stage allowed us to establish the professional and informative tone of the piece. Once approved, the voice-over was recorded and animation was produced to bring the storyboards to life. 

Through the power of visuals and motion graphics, complex concepts like duty reduction will be transformed into clear, easy-to-understand explanations.

“Paragon is a real pro. The visuals and sequencing were on point from the start, and they worked collaboratively with us to polish everything to our high standards with no complaints. They were consistently ahead of schedule.”

– Stephen Johnson, Kabbage

FTZ 104 Explainer

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