Motion Design

The Big Picture with Kal Penn Show Packaging Elements for National Geographic

We were part of the data visualization team for the National Geographic Channel’s series on the unseen world around us.



The Challenge

When a production company gets the go-ahead for a new TV show that relies heavily on animated explainer graphics, they’ve got to build a team big enough and with the right skill set to deliver great work on time. That was exactly the scenario that led to our invitation to join the team that would be creating a mammoth amount of motion graphics for The National Geographic Channel’s new show: The Big Picture with Kal Penn.  Tight turn-arounds? Many layers of approval? Lots of data-intensive and geographically specific visualizations?…. bring it!

The Solution

It took months of rigorous fact-checking, source hunting and pixel-pushing, but the animations we created for the show came together nicely. Although a bit disappointed we didn’t get the autographed White Castle bag we requested, we did get to see our CD’s name up in lights (if by “lights” you understand we mean the fluorescent light of your HDTV).

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