Econ Dev Marketing

SEDA Annual Report: “Moving Forward

After years of producing a creative printed annual report for the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA), we pitched them on the idea that it was time to take their annual report online. They agreed with the caveat that they didn’t want to sacrifice the wow factor of the printed reports. They asked us to create and implement a concept that would have the impact they wanted across all devices while still making a splash at their annual release event.

The Solution

We reimagined their annual report as a responsive online experience that incorporated all of the content they would typically include, with the added benefit of analytics on the back end to help SEDA see what content was of particular interest to the community.

There was a concern about lack of a tangible takeaway for distribution at the release event so we created custom-engraved USB drives enclosed in leather cases to be given out to all attendees. The USB drives were encoded with a special key that would give attendees an advance look at the report before it was launched to the public a few days later.

“In the economic development world, SEDA has always been known as a leader and innovator in our marketing and sales efforts. We haven’t been afraid to do something different. We loved the idea of doing something beyond the traditional printed annual report. We wanted people to engage with the report. Plus, the fact that it was more cost effective was appealing.”

– Angela Hendrix, SEDA VP of Marketing


The reaction has been great and all positive so far! I was concerned that people wouldn’t look at the annual report but based on responses we have gotten from people, they have. They like that it’s something different, that it feels “cutting edge.” It makes our stakeholders feel like they are back in the game.

– Angela Hendrix, SEDA VP of Marketing