Alumni Marketing

NYU Alumni Day Campaign

Every year, NYU welcomes its alumni back to New York to celebrate and reminisce. The Office of Alumni Relations asked us to breathe new life into the event by creating a vibrant visual identity specifically for that weekend. The challenge was to make something that looked fresh but still felt like it was a part of the NYU brand.

The Solution

We immediately zeroed in on the U in NYU and played with its double meaning.

Use of the letter “U” to represent the word “you” is common vernacular in today’s society and easily understood by generations past and present. The letter “U” also makes a nice connection – both visually and audibly – to the “U” in “NYU.”

The simplicity of “U + NYU” also made this direction more personal. As alumni think back to their days as NYU students, when it was just ‘you and NYU,’ they will remember their closest friends, favorite hangouts, mountaintop achievements, and character-shaping challenges. These are the experiences that have made each individual graduate the person they are today – someone who belongs to the Violet Pride Community and always will.

Since the NYU campus is spread out over NYC, it was hard to find a single landmark that represented the university. We settled on the iconic Washington Square monument, which is recognizable to both New Yorkers and NYU alumni alike.

The aim of the annual event is to reinforce the pride alumni feel towards their university, so we proposed highlighting the accomplishments of alumni in social media posts. 

Of course, no alumni event would be complete without swag to commemorate the occasion, so we created designs for a slew of this also, including a T-shirt, mug, and tote bag.

Case Studies