Alumni Marketing

NYU Alumni College Campaign

NYU asked us to create an eye-catching brand for this annual event consisting of a logo, email banners, and a microsite where participants could register to get more information. The challenge was to create a brand identity that looked new and attention-grabbing, but also recognizably NYU.

The Challenge

The NYU’s Office of Alumni Relations launched a new initiative to provide continuing education opportunities for its alumni.

The events, branded as NYU Alumni College, would consist of a series of one-day symposia where alumni could reconnect with their alma mater while reinforcing the school’s reputation as a trusted source for cutting-edge thought leadership. The seminars would cover topics relevant to current issues and were led by experts in their respective fields, providing alumni with access to leading thinkers and their insights. 

The Solution

We presented a range of logo options to reflect the idea of college and higher education through symbols like wreaths and columns before ultimately landing on the familiar graduation cap as our main icon.

We then presented three concepts that would set the tone for the look and feel of the entire campaign. We showed how each concept would look when applied to the main touch points of the campaign: the logo, email banners, and microsite design. Concept 1 would tap into alumni’s nostalgia for the location of the school, New York City. Concept 2 would be based on the theme of academics, while Concept 3 would be centered on the theme of life-long education.

Case Studies