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Kabbage offers loans to small businesses and needed our help explaining how painless their application process is. Our job in laying out the process was to get the details absolutely spot on without inadvertently making it seem unnecessarily complicated.



The Solution

In order to give a complete picture of Kabbage’s usefulness, the video was told from the perspective of three small businesses, each with a different need for extra funding. While the application process is the same, the specificity of the scenarios used in the video shows that Kabbage really understands their customers.

Any time you are working with a financial product, the devil is in the details, so we spent additional time during the storyboarding stage making sure we had everything correct. From the depiction of the business owners, even down to the use of Kabbage’s brand colors. Green is often associated with money and financial institutions, but too much tends to overwhelm. We used a combination of the strong blue and green from Kabbage’s brand but kept the background scene elements in muted grays.

“Paragon is a real pro. The visuals and sequencing were on point from the start, and they worked collaboratively with us to polish everything to our high standards with no complaints. They were consistently ahead of schedule.”

– Stephen Johnson, Kabbage

Kabbage Explainer

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