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Happy Returns Explainer Videos Series

A series of animated explainer videos for Silicon Valley startup, Happy Returns, which has a unique service designed for not one, but three types of customers, each with a different set of needs.

  • Shoppers – looking for a way to make easy, convenient returns
  • Retailers – needing stress-free returns processing
  • Brick and mortar establishments – looking for a way to increase foot traffic benefit



The Solution

We determined it would be most effective to create three separate videos, all sharing some common elements, but diverging to deliver the relevant message by market segment. One key element to be shared by all three was a discerning shopper whose online shopping wasn’t quite living up to its promise.

The Brief

We started with a clear creative brief. This is where we made sure we were adhering to the client’s brand colors and style, and also confirmed that the story we planned to tell to the audiences we were trying to engage, both fit the client’s goals.

Scripting and Styleframes

Once the creative brief got the stamp of approval we developed the three scripts, working with the client to gather all the needed facts. Next we moved on to styleframes where we first began to visualize a few frames from the script. In this case, we started with a really simplified character design based on the minimal aesthetic of the brand and infused the brand’s signature yellow throughout.

Our first styleframes were actually a bit too minimal for the client, in particular the main character who they wanted to resemble their partner company’s target audience more. So we added more details, giving her more personality, and simplified the color scheme such that the brand’s yellow was introduced later on in the video.

Next we explored some different options for the main character, playing with her hairstyle, clothing, and accessories until we hit the right note.

The Aftermath

After the success of the initial set of explainer videos, Happy Returns was bought by the payment platform* PayPal and has subsequently needed a slew of new videos including:

Shopify app explainer 

US and UK versions of a Return Bar demo

Software Demo for Shop Owners

Additionally, we created multiple translated versions and new feature demos. The client is making full use of video’s power to quickly and clearly educate and to improve their customers’ experience.

*Coincidence? I think not!

Shopper focused Explainer

Location focused Explainer

Retailer focused Explainer

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