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DXMarketing: Data Explainer Video

A cheeky animated video to humanize the highly abstract topic of online marketing data, and the power it holds for advertisers. Using characters and scenarios, we produced this video to help data-wrangling firm DX Marketing concisely explain what they do and the value they bring.



The Challenge

DX Marketing, a targeted marketing firm offering multi–channel services ranging from research and analytics to digital, creative, and production, contacted us to make an explainer that would get the word out about what they do. Their powerful yet complex, data-driven services help clients reach customers and generate business, so our challenge was to explain a very complicated offering without so much technical jargon that we’d lose the audience.

The Solution

We chose to highlight the granularity of the consumer data used to precisely target customers ready to act, all based on with their online behavior. Additionally, with their access to other data streams that go beyond what consumers do online, we needed to make sure that connection was clearly communicated without giving off an ominous “big brother” feeling.

Working through the dense feature list, we mapped out the benefits to clients and realized that the best approach would be to show, not tell.

This led us to craft an anecdotal user story made up of a series of vignettes, and to help it feel less intimidating we threw in a bit of humor. The goal here, was to show the audience that even though consumer data exists as bits and bytes, when understood it can be predictive of real future behaviors, and the translation of mountains of data into actionable insights was really what set this company apart from other data-driven firms.

Initial styleframes helped us set the right visual mood with an earth-toned color palette that kept the content approachable and natural. In the final animation, we used bubbling particles to represent the data created and captured in each step of the consumer’s buying process.

The story, details and visuals all came together to create an effective, fun video.

“Oh I love it… Thumbs up all around!”

– Vice President of Agency Services, DX Marketing

DX Marketing: Customer Data Explainer

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