Explainer Videos

Avalara: Retail Explainer

An animated explainer video outlining the benefits of Avalara’s suite of tax software to retail businesses struggling to stay on top of onerous tax rules and regulations.



The Challenge

Following the success of our AvaTax explainer video, Avalara commissioned us to produce another video focusing on the ways their suite of software helps retail businesses navigate the treacherous waters of tax regulations.

The Solution

Using the same visual style as the original AvaTax video, we digested their subject matter experts’ knowledge about the software suite and created a script and storyboards to tell a new, but related story about their benefits to retailers. We had the luxury of an existing retail-focused video being a staff favorite, so we made sure to use as much of that source material as we could in the new video. Our approach, was to show the target audience that Avalara understands their pain points, then present the ways the software features could solve their unique challenges. 

Avalara: Retail Explainer

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