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AvaTax Explainer Video

An animated explainer video outlining the benefits of Avalara’s flagship product for business owners struggling to stay on top of onerous tax rules and regulations.



The Challenge

Admittedly, the world of tax software isn’t the sexiest topic to explain. With concepts like transactional tax compliance,  tax table maintenance, and jurisdictional issues, it’s understandably complicated. Regardless, it’s really important for businesses to get it right if they don’t want to get sued, hit with fines, or worse, upset their customers. Which is why tax software giant, Avalara, wanted to simplify their message and succinctly speak to this pain point in an animated video.

The Solution

We collaborated closely with Avalara’s subject-matter experts and marketing team to ensure that we struck the perfect tone for both the script and visuals. We refined the storyboards, character designs, and color schemes to give their communication a fresh and vibrant look while still aligning with their brand guidelines. The project’s success led us to take on their retail and hospitality specializations in subsequent projects.

Avalara: AvaTax Explainer

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