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Anthem Healthcare Explainer Series

A series of animated explainers to help demystify the notoriously tricky health plan decision process. A softer, more educational, approach to marketing health insurance products.



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The Challenge

Comparing health plans, and making the right choice is hard. Very hard. In fact, most experts, like Health Economists, agree that it’s even hard for them. Imagine having to make that decision for other people – business owners face this challenge. When Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield came looking for ideas on educating these decision-makers, we were keen to help.

Like any other product, there are two things to consider: how much it costs and what you get. The “what you get” is where healthcare plans enter the weeds because different people have very different criteria when it comes to what matters to them in a health plan. So that’s where this series of Anthem Healthcare Explainer Videos came in.

This was not our first rodeo into the world of healthcare explainers. We’ve had many years of experience taking these very complex issues and making sense of them for our clients, so we were uniquely able to help.

The Solution

Instead of launching into a hard sell of specific products, we decided to focus on informing and engaging business decision-makers on the subject of healthcare. We would explain the benefits of different kinds of healthcare plans both to the company and the employees since both would factor into decision-making for the business owner audience.

It was important that we didn’t focus primarily on specific products offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, rather we wanted to show thought leadership on a challenging topic – to be more than a healthcare seller, to be a resource.

We had to distill a tremendous amount of information into less than two minutes on each piece, and this required extremely disciplined writing while at the same time trying to weigh which were the truly salient points from the users’ perspective, focusing hard on delivering the facts clearly and quickly.

We standardized the graphics style across the series of four explainer videos and kept the color scheme simple and in line with existing brand guidelines, using predominantly blue and green to represent the contrasting concepts being tackled in every piece. This helped give a clear visual cue to the viewer that a different perspective was being presented.

Below are the resulting videos.

Give them a watch and you may learn a thing or two.

We sure did through this process.

Anthem Healthcare Explainers

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